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In a world where digital media has taken over, online marketing has become increasingly important for businesses in order to promote their products and services. However, the amount of time and effort that must be put into establishing an online presence makes it no easy task. Inspired by the highest specialized values and founded on the principles of strong business morals, Strategy & Plan has been the leading IT and business solution company.

Renowned Web Designing and Online Marketing Services

With its finest services, it has created waves among the local and global businesses that look for the highest standards of professionalism. Founded in 2013, the company has set new dimensions of business standards. Within just a couple of years, the company has proved itself to be a champion in the arena of website and software design and development along with proven track record of digital marketing.

Our Solution

I am a massive Google Analytics fan and have been for years. For Sinch, I started to experiment with custom dashboards for a real time view of our website performance. I track real time visits, signups, pages, and anything that shows us what our users are doing right now. I have shared the custom dashboard I use for you to use. I warn you, it’s not pretty.
To get a better understanding of how our SEO is performing, we use SEMRush to track a number of keywords that are important to us, as well as how we perform compared to our competitors.
All of our social sharing is done through Buffer. We link up all of our social channels so that we can share anything from our blog or from the other websites we read with one click. It’s super easy and very helpful. Plus, because everything is scheduled, it means our Twitter followers don’t just get a huge pile of Tweets at one time. Instead, we can roll it out over the day.
Buffer also deals with all our UTM codes and analytics for social, so we get all our social data straight into Google Analytics. UTM codes are a great way to track website traffic per campaign so you can see what posts work well. You can use something like the Google URL builder to append your links with campaign data, and then track this in Google Analytics under the Acquisition/Campaigns tab.
Mix FollowerWonk with Buffer for ultra-performing tweets. FollowerWonk will find the best time to tweet based on your specific audience, and then share this data with Buffer to post your tweets at the optimum time.

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